Day Trip from Venice to Murano

You could easily spend a lifetime on the small alleyways and back canals of Venice.

But it would be a shame not to explore slightly farther afield, across the lagoon.

Colors of Murano

On our last trip to Venice, we finally made it to Murano for the day.

And to be honest, we didn’t need allllll day.  We had a train to catch at 6 pm and made it back to the main station with plenty of time.

Day trip to Murano

Murano is not an island in the lagoon- it is actually 7 islands, all interconnected by canals and bridges.

Houses of Murano

Famed for its glass making, we were more interested in life rather than work.

exploring Murano Veneto

Instead of visiting the workshops, we continued our explorations across bridges and along canals.

Venice's Murano

Making our way from the first vaporetto stop, we angled towards the center, pausing to admire the church and the modern blown glass sculpture.

Walking in Murano

While the most popular activity on Murano is glass blowing, our aim was to find quiet back alleys after the buzz of a few days in Venice.

Murano main square

Continuing past the main square, we crossed over two short bridges.

Winter in Murano

In a simple piazza, filled with wandering cats and hanging laundry, we found La Perla Ai Bisatei (Campo San Bernardo 7).

Lunch in Murano

From our table, I watched local after local pop in through the doors and order a quick glass of wine at the simple counter.

We stayed for more than wine, sitting down to primi piatti of pasta that cost no more than €6 each.

Murano Venice

With a train to catch, we made our way back to the vaporetto.

Unable to find an open tabacchi, we paid a slightly higher price to purchase the tickets onboard. Something to keep in mind if you are better planners than we seem to be when traveling.

Murano mist

We found a seat outside, on the back of the boat, and watched Venice appear out of the mist.

Returning to Venice from Murano

While potentially less romantic, a vaporetto is a great way to cruise down the Grand Canal without paying the price for a gondola ride.

Water taxi from Murano

The cost for a day of island hopping? €5 on the way there, and €7.50 on the way back.

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2 thoughts on “Day Trip from Venice to Murano

  1. Maureen says:

    Hi Natalie

    I’m going off to Rome for a week on Thursday and came across your blog while doing some research. I became totally engrossed spending a couple of hours (I could ill afford!). Thank you so much; I will definitely go to the markets and restaurants you’ve recommended and also try to visit Ostia Antica. You are so lucky to be living in Rome.

    Thanks again

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