Best Rooftop in Venice: T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Fondaco dei Tedeschi rooftop terrace in Venice

I am a big fan of rooftop bars in Rome, so I was on a mission to find a great rooftop in Venice on our recent trip.

The city has a well-deserved reputation for being touristy, but it is such a unique destination with its canals and waterside palazzi that I can never resist a trip back. We climbed the tower at Piazza San Marco on our last visit to see Venice from above, but this time I had my eye set on Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

One of the largest buildings on the Grand Canal, Fondaco dei Tedeschi sits next to the Rialto Bridge and directly across from the famed Rialto fish market.

In fact, you can see the city’s most popular bridge from the stunning rooftop that is now open atop the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

The marble palace was first built in 1228 and takes its name from when it was a base for German merchants (“Tedeschi” means “German” in Italian).

Over the years, the building has also served as a customs house for Napolean and a post office during Mussolini’s rule.

Fondaco dei Tedeschi rooftop terrace in Venice

The building has found new life as a luxury department store, which re-opened in late 2016. I had high hopes of finding a rooftop bar in Venice, and alas, there is no such beverage station at Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

However, the rooftop terrace is one of the best in Venice, and you can visit for free.

There is no obligation to buy anything to take in the view of the Grand Canal, but you do need to book your 15-minute timeslot in advance here.

You can also book your visit on the iPads on the third and fourth floor of the store. However, it is better to do it in advance in order to ensure that you actually get onto the terrace.

70 people are allowed up at any one time.

There is not much to do other than take in the view, but that is worth the trip alone.

Keep the weather in mind when you book your timeslot because there is no shade from either sun or rain.

Vista Mozzafiato! Seriously!

Do you have any other Venice rooftop recommendations? I’m always on the lookout.

Want to get more excited about your visit? Here are some inspiring quotes about Venice.

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  1. holly says:

    Good Afternoon! I am heading out for a train ride through Italy in 2 weeks.

    My first experience in Italy was in Naples on a cruise ship and it wasn’t what I dreamed of Italy being like.
    So this year I want to fall in love with the country and all it has to offer.

    I will be in Milan, Verona, Venice ( on my birthday) Siena, Florence, and Rome.

    Any restaurant and things to do suggestions would be great! You have a great Blog! Holly

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