Eating Cicchetti in Venice

I was just going to have one soft shell fried crab, and then we were going to go to dinner.

Then I was just going to have another one, I mean, since we were still there and a table had opened up next to the bar.

cicheti bar in Venice

Then I might as well try the frittata with artichokes.

And get another crab….

aperitivo food in Venice

While I love Rome’s aperitivo culture, Venice’s snacks are another level.

cicheti culture in Venice

That is why you will pay for them. Rather than an all inclusive €5 or €10 charge, chichetti in Venice are usually individually priced.

You can order as many as you like or – if you have more self-control than I do – you can stick that single soft shelf crab after taking in the views from Piazza San Marco’s campanile.

Venetian Spritz

Since we had an evening train, I opted for more cicchetti rather than an early dinner or a sad in-transit meal.

Venetian cicheti

Don’t mind if I do.

Again. And Again.

Venetian snacks

My favorite bar in Venice for cicchetti was Al Portego.

Venice cicchetti bar

The cozy wine bar at Castello San Lio 6014, has €3 spritzes (YES), and a delectable selection of cicchetti to choose from.


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