Eating Lampredotto: Cow Stomach Sandwich in Florence

Senti. Listen.

I love food, but I am not one of those people who will eat anything.

I don’t take some perverse pleasure in enjoying the weirdest edible I come across.

But I am someone who will TRY to eat anything. I ate bugs in Mexico City. (Some were ok. Some made me want to lose it on the floor on the market).

You know, the usual.

So I knew I might not enjoy lampredotto, but I was determined to TRY.

Lampredotto in Florence

Heading to Florence as a day trip from Rome on a Sunday of all days – I was looking for a great place to eat lampredotto that would still be open at a time of week when many shops close.

Da’ Vinattieri came highly recommended and is only a few minutes walk from the Duomo.


da vinattieri in Florence

Spying all the customers tucked into the archway where Da Vinattieri is located assured me that we had made the right choice.

Lampredotto firenze

I readied my money (€4) but started to waiver as I watched the preparation and thought about what I was getting myself into.

Lampredotto cow stomach Florence

Lampredotto is cow’s stomach.

And when you watch the preparation – as the slow simmered meat is removed from the pot and sliced, before being salted and topped with red pepper – well, it looks like cow stomach.

Maybe I shouldn’t have told you.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been told myself.

Lampredotto sandwich Florence

Because it tastes good.

It tastes slowly cooked, with plenty of seasoning, on warm and saucy bread.

But the texture?


da viniattieri florence menu

Da’ Vinattieri (Via Santa Margherita, 4/R) has a much broader menu if you don’t feel like testing your culinary luck.

But who I am to argue with Saveur?

One thought on “Eating Lampredotto: Cow Stomach Sandwich in Florence

  1. TonyM says:

    I’m pretty sure I’d have tried it too, after all, I’m Cajun. But #19 sounds amazing! Lets go back and get one of those!

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