Eating Bugs in Mexico City

I arrived in Mexico City a day before Jimmy.

What did I do with one day alone in a city of 22 million people?

Agave worms in Mexico City

I ate bugs.

eating maguey worms

Why did I do it?

Because eating bugs has been on the bucket list for a long time and I wanted to finish 2015 strong.

Those maguey worms, larvae that live in agave plants, taste like crunch.

Nothing inside but air.

Eating grasshoppers in Mexico

Grasshoppers are a bit more substantial and are toasted with chile, salt and lime. If you can get over the mental image, they would be pretty good in a taco.

eating grasshoppers

I gave the scorpions a pass.

Scorpion snacks in Mexico

I WISH I had not eaten the ants.

The ants were disgusting.

Ants eating in Mexico City

To start easy on the insect eating, you can always just slather on some grasshopper salsa for a little taste.


Grasshopper salsa

I think overall, I will be sticking to bug-free pasta, but I am glad I ticked this off.

If you want to try some insect snacks in Mexico City, head to El Gran Cazador in Mercado de San Juan.

Happy holidays and good eats to you wherever you are celebrating!



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