Essenzialmente Laura: Gorgeous Perfume Shop in Rome

I was struck by Essenzialmente Laura as I walked down Via dei Coronari.

Essenzialmente laura perfume rome-5

The street is filled with blooming jasmine, but this small shop smells even sweeter.

Essenzialmente laura perfume rome-3

I have never been one for powerful scents. I prefer light, fresh and natural perfumes.

Laura Bosetti Tonatto creates just that.

She has created perfumes inspired by the blossoms at Rome’s orange garden, as well as an intoxicating scent named Acqua Barroca, after the fountains of Rome.

The lovely perfume shop offers fragrances, body oils, shower gels, essential oils, and lotions for you.

Essential oil diffusers and sprays are stocked for your home.

Essenzialmente laura perfume rome-2

If I had to compare, I would tell you to think of Jo Malone – inspired and intriguing combinations.

Oh, and the photos of the Queen of England floating around? That’s because Laura has been invited to curate candles and scents for Buckingham Palace.

Yeah. That’s a pretty big deal.

Essenzialmente laura perfume rome-1

I didn’t know it was possible to bottle up Rome to take home, but that is just what Essenzialmente Laura does.

A dear friend is visiting Rome this week. I bought a bottle of Achab (idozied marine notes) to slip into her luggage for her to carry home to the US as a house warming present.

A little reminder that there is only one small ocean between her and Rome.

Essenzialmente Laura di Laura Bosetti Tonatto
Via dei Coronari, 57,
00186 Roma
(Centro Storico)

10 thoughts on “Essenzialmente Laura: Gorgeous Perfume Shop in Rome

  1. Alexandra says:

    This is one of those shops that I find slightly intimidating – as in, it looks so lovely and out of my price range that I can’t bring myself to go in. It’s very tempting though…

    • Natalie says:

      No no! Don’t be scared! They were so lovely when I went in. I was buying a gift for a friend, so I did think that I didn’t want to spend 70 euro on a perfume that might not suit her tastes. I opted for the home spray, which was a large-ish bottle for 28.

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  3. Terri in Cali says:

    I discovered this little gem in April when I took myself (all alone sans hubby and kids) to Rome for ten days. Wandered past and then went back. So happy I did! I’m a one note, natural fragrance gal, and i was in heaven. I wanted to buy the whole store, but settled for three small bottles… orange blossom, jasmine (to remind me of Rome in Spring, and bergamot. Going back in September on a girls’ trip and can’t wait to share this wonderful shop with them.

  4. Raven says:

    This shop sounds like just what I’m looking for! Do they also sell candles? Or any other shops you know of that sell candles with a fragrance to remind you of the warm scents that the holidays bring?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi! Laura definitely makes candles for special occasions, and I think also has them stocked. There is a Jo Malone near the Spanish Steps as well.

  5. Virginia Nelsen says:

    How do I order your Eau De Parfumerie Meraviglia or is it Fimmina? I bought a small bottle in Rome last September and I love it.

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