Ciampino Airport to Rome: How to Get From CIA to the City

Updated October 2022

Rome has two airports (Ciampino and Fiumicino). Of the two, Ciampino is smaller and mainly receives passengers who are traveling on budget airlines such as RyanAir. It is only 16 km (10 miles) from Ciampino Airport to Rome, however, it is not always easy to reach the city center.

The two major options to get from CIA to Rome are via taxi or private bus, and the journey takes around 35 minutes (depending on traffic).

How to Get from Ciampino Airport to Rome:


CIA is not well connected to the city center, which makes it especially welcome that taxis are a set price from the airport to Rome. BUT there is a major and well-known problem with the drivers at the airport taxi stand refusing to take passengers for the set price. This is not an issue at Fiumicino airport, only Ciampino (and it is the entire reason that I wrote about how to avoid being ripped off by a taxi in Rome).

The price for a taxi from Ciampino airport to Rome city center is €31 and is non-negotiable. It does not depend on the number of passengers, pieces of luggage, or the exact drop-off location (so long as this is in the center of Rome). If you are being offered a price higher than €31, you can call a taxi directly (06 3575 is the most common number), or use an app such as FreeNow.

Private Transfers and Uber

Due to the issues with taxis at Ciampino, we often recommend that visitors coming to see us in Rome use a transfer service. When my husband’s parents come to town from Ireland, we usually book Welcome Pickups. The service is pre-paid and the driver will meet you right outside of baggage claim with your name on a placard. The cost from Ciampino airport to Rome is currently €46.

Uber is legal in Rome, despite what some taxis may tell you. This is another perfectly valid way to get from the airport from the city, but it is also one of the more expensive options.

Private Bus

The most affordable but still direct way to reach Rome from Ciampino airport is to take a private coach bus. The most well known is Terravision, which runs a bus approximately every hour from Ciampino airport to Rome. The cost of a ticket on the air-conditioned bus is only €5, with no extra charges for luggage. To find these airport buses, simply walk straight out of the terminal building and head for the covered benches about 30m away.

Public Bus

For the absolute cheapest way to travel from Ciampino airport to Rome is via public bus number 720. The bus costs just €1.50 and will take you to Laurentina in Rome’s EUR neighborhood. From here it is possible to take Metro B into the city. Keep in mind that there are 22 stops between the airport and Laurentina, but this is the only true means of public transportation to reach the city. Tickets are not for sale on the bus, so here is how to buy bus tickets in Rome.


There is a train station called “Ciampino,” but please note that this is not connected to the airport. Instead, this serves the city of Ciampino. The train is not a recommended way to reach CIA.


Unfortunately, there is no metro or subway that runs between Ciampino airport and Rome. Taking a private low-cost bus will bring you to Termini Station, where both Metro A and Metro B lines can be found. Here is more information on using the metro in Rome.

Wrong airport? Here’s how to get from Fiumicino airport to Rome.

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3 thoughts on “Ciampino Airport to Rome: How to Get From CIA to the City

  1. Sophia says:

    Be careful booking with MyTaxi from Ciampino as well. I’ve had a terrible experience with one mytaxi driver trying to rip us off.. we had to get out of the car and reported him. MyTaxi wasn’t very professional handling the situation either.. gave us a 10 euro credit a month after the incident. just be cautious!

    • Natalie says:

      Ugh! CIAMPINO TAXIS ARE THE WORST! I’m so sorry to hear that. We used MyTaxi from CIA a couple of days ago and had zero problems. The rate was the €30 set price, and he picked us up away from the regular taxi stand where they were trying to charge 40 minimum

  2. William Patterson says:

    Very easy to take the shuttle bus from CIA to Ciampino station and then into Roma.a Termini. I’ve been doing it for decades and the service is both cheap and reliable. A couple of euros fir the shuttle and another 4 euros for the train journey. The only reason to take a taxi is if you arrive very late in the evening.

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