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Gelato in Trastevere: Fatamorgana

This time of year, everything starts to seem over the top which is why it is critical to remember that sometimes things that are small are also things that are very important. Gelato, for example, is a small important thing. I prefer cones to cups, and smalls to bigs, when it comes to gelato.  I […]

Fatamorgana: Gelato in Monti

I’ve heard a lot about Gelateria Fatamorgana, but it’s in Prati.  Which may be the other side of Rome, but sometimes on lazy Saturdays, it feels like the other side of the world. But there is now a location in Monti and that is decidedly on my side of Rome. After a warm thunderstorm on […]

The 19 Best Trastevere Restaurants (2022)

One of the questions I get asked most often about Rome is about Trastevere restaurants and where to eat in the area. Perhaps it is because more and more people are drawn to stay in Trastevere, or maybe you simply want to spend a day wandering and soaking up the atmosphere in the charming Roman […]

The Most Overrated Things in Rome (And What to Do Instead)

what not to do in Rome

I took to Instagram stories to ask people about the most overrated things in Rome and I got some amazing answers. People were disappointed by places, restaurants, gelato, and experiences. Hype can really ruin something. You are expecting life-changing, or at least something worth a trip around the world, and you get… ordinary. Or worse: you […]

Aromaticus: Plant Shop and Kitchen in Monti

I cannot keep plants alive. I try. I coddle. I water. I find the right amount of sunlight. Then I fail and they die. But luckily, I can replace them any time I want at Aromaticus. This quirky little shop in Monti is a gardener’s dream. Potted greens, watering cans in every shape and size, […]