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Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo in Rome’s Testaccio District

Testaccio is a neighborhood divided. Everyone seems to be able to agree on the most important thing in Roman life: football. As a whole, the district supports A.S. Roma. However, over the second most important thing in Roman life? Pizza? No one can agree on the best neighborhood pizzeria. I fall into the Da Remo […]

Pizzeria Da Remo in Testaccio, Rome

thin crust roman pizza with burnt edges

It was such an excruciating long day. I dragged myself to Da Remo’s because the walk somehow seemed less challenging than trying to convince my brain to combine ingredients in a sauce pan at home. I walked in and my whole body sagged. Just a short wait and I could take my pizza home. I […]

Rome’s Pizzarium

best street food in Rome is pizza by the slice

When I moved to Rome, I would drag everyone out to Cipro and force them into a small shop with flaking paint to dine on pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice). Pizzarium has since gone under a renovation and expansion, but my rule remains unchanged: you can’t leave Rome without trying this pizza. This […]

Does L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples Live Up to the Hype?

My first few months of living in Italy were confusing. I had just left my career and my home. I did not speak the language. I met the man who would eventually become my husband, but I had no idea if he even liked me at that point. I had never spent Christmas away from […]

Pizzeria Ai Marmi in Trastevere

I have a friend who is 7-years-old and has lived in Rome almost all her life. As a nearly lifelong Roman, and at the age when she is a true pizza connoisseur, I trust her judgment. We always meet for dinner at Ai Marmi, her local pizzeria in Trastevere. And since she is 7, we […]

Antico Forno Roscioli

Antico Forno Roscioli for street food in Rome

Rome has no shortages of landmarks: Colosseum, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Square, Pyramid of Cestius, Circus Maximus… But one of my favorite landmarks of all is the bright yellow FORNO sign on Via dei Chiavari. Antico Forno Roscioli is a Roman institution.  Locals come here for their daily bread, a few brutti ma buoni biscotti, and […]

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Forno Campo de Fiori Rome pizza bianca

To me, Campo de Fiori is a meeting spot.  It is a place to agree to find each other so that you can move on to somewhere else. It is not that I don’t like the market there, it simply is not my market.  Neighborhood markets are, by definition, in your own neighborhood.  I wouldn’t […]