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Amatriciana PIZZA

It’s been a rough week, for both personal and political reasons.  I don’t want to think about bad things, like Berlusconi trying to bribe the electorate. I want to think about nice things, like amatriciana pizza. Amatriciana is a quintessential Roman dish. Well, it’s not from Rome, but it is from Lazio (the region Rome […]

Pizzeria Tonda: Best Pizza in Rome?

This past week marked a strange milestone for me. I moved to Rome to go to graduate school, and on Friday I took my last exam.  It’s very weird to know that it’s over. Oh. Except for that little dissertation thing I have to write in the next few months. Even though we were in […]

Pizza in Naples: Da Michele

Recently, we had a craving for pizza.  There are no shortages of great pizzerias in Rome, but we decided that the only thing that would do was a trip Naples. A 9 Euro train ticket and a 2 hour ride later, we were standing in front of Da Michele. Da Michele is not a highly […]