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On Porchetta and Aging

It was 78°F (25°C) today.It made me realize how much I have missed the sun. Until I stepped outside, I couldn’t really remember what it felt like to be warm.  Winter is strange that way– that way it makes us forget. I suppose that is a round about way of trying to say: I am […]

Pastificio San Lorenzo

I love the San Lorenzo neighborhood.  It’s a bit off the beaten path and has plenty of cheap eats like Super Pizza.  With a plethora of traditional, affordable restaurants, we had long raised a wary eyebrow at the modern design of Pastificio San Lorenzo. (These phone pictures won’t do it justice). The cool, contemporary restaurant […]

Amatriciana PIZZA

It’s been a rough week, for both personal and political reasons.  I don’t want to think about bad things, like Berlusconi trying to bribe the electorate. I want to think about nice things, like amatriciana pizza. Amatriciana is a quintessential Roman dish. Well, it’s not from Rome, but it is from Lazio (the region Rome […]

Living La Dolce Vita: Cappuccio

Christine, who lives in Florence and is the expat behind Ciao, Christy has started a “La Dolce Vita” series on her blog and encouraged all of us English language bloggers to write about our own sweet lives in Italy. I can, and do, complain about the crazy bureaucracy involved with living in Italy. I miss […]

Finding Foreign Beer in Rome

When it comes to Italian beer, I’m a Nastro Azzuro girl.  It’s light, refreshing and easy to drink.  My main gripe about beer in Italy is the lack of variety.  I can occasionally find an artisanal Italian beer, and they are very very good, but sometimes a girl needs a little spice in her life. […]