Living La Dolce Vita: Cappuccio

Christine, who lives in Florence and is the expat behind Ciao, Christy has started a “La Dolce Vita” series on her blog and encouraged all of us English language bloggers to write about our own sweet lives in Italy.

I can, and do, complain about the crazy bureaucracy involved with living in Italy. I miss bagels and burritos and ordering things online with the conviction that they will actually be delivered to me at some point in the foreseeable future.

BUT, Italy can be pretty awesome.

One of my favorite simple things to do is walk down to the bar, get a “Ciao, cara!” from Anto’ who then confirms I want a cappuccio brought out to my table.  Without an extra charge for using my laptop to work at the aforementioned table.

I also love the unnecessary abbreviations that don’t actually save anyone much time at all. Cappuccio = cappuccino.

Check out Christine’s sweet life in Italy and take part by sharing your own version of la dolce vita!

10 thoughts on “Living La Dolce Vita: Cappuccio

  1. neekoh says:

    I miss your sweet, little face! Damn “la dolce vita” for taking it away from me 😛 But, I have to admit, sitting outside, under the vine-covered patio was pure perfection.


  2. LindyLouMac in Italy says:

    You are right Italy is awesome and our experiences of bureaucracy and postal services have been no worse than those in the UK.

    I was delighted to be able to join in with this great new linky party, even if my post was rather different from what you might have expected. Had I known beforehand I would have rescheduled, but then it is real life, it is part of La Dolce Vita.

  3. Royce says:

    I just want Lord George of Sweden to know that he has the best name-title ever.

    Let’s talk about cappuccinos. They are awesome. They are generally made way better in Europe; I imagine Italy is the best of all. They’re also not really designed for to-go paper coffee cups like American-style drip coffee. Rather, they are most delicious when consumed at the cafe you order them, from a big rounded saucer cup. It’s definitely a beverage for a different mentality.

  4. Mike Seydell says:

    Awe…I miss you. I hope all os well! I see you’re having a blast in Rome! Can’t wait to have you back state side! 🙂 Skyype Sooon!

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