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Looking for the perfect meal out? From pizza to fine dining, these Rome restaurant reviews will guide you to the best food in the city.

Le Mani in Pasta

The thrill and the tragedy of expat life are one in the same: you are not from here. The irresistible draw of “not-from-here” is what drives many to travel or settle abroad. When you are an expat, you can take pride in your not-from-here-ness. You wear it like a badge of honor. You revel in […]

Gnocchi in Rome: L’Arcangelo (finally)

Deep in the Trader Joe’s freezer section, between the vegetarian gyoza and marinated Mahi, you will find gnocchi alla sorrentina. When I was 22, the ink still drying on my bachelors degree, I moved to a new city and into a one bedroom apartment. All by myself, for the first time ever. Frozen gnocchi alla […]

Pastificio San Lorenzo

I love the San Lorenzo neighborhood.  It’s a bit off the beaten path and has plenty of cheap eats like Super Pizza.  With a plethora of traditional, affordable restaurants, we had long raised a wary eyebrow at the modern design of Pastificio San Lorenzo. (These phone pictures won’t do it justice). The cool, contemporary restaurant […]

Amatriciana PIZZA

It’s been a rough week, for both personal and political reasons.  I don’t want to think about bad things, like Berlusconi trying to bribe the electorate. I want to think about nice things, like amatriciana pizza. Amatriciana is a quintessential Roman dish. Well, it’s not from Rome, but it is from Lazio (the region Rome […]

Pastificio: €4 Lunch by the Spanish Steps

Like any good Roman-transplant, I spend a good deal of time happily scarfing down more pasta than I would have believed prudent 2 years ago. My hands down favorite place for a lunchtime carb fix in Rome’s historic center is Pastificio. Not only is it very very good, it is also one of the cheapest […]

Fatamorgana: Gelato in Monti

I’ve heard a lot about Gelateria Fatamorgana, but it’s in Prati.  Which may be the other side of Rome, but sometimes on lazy Saturdays, it feels like the other side of the world. But there is now a location in Monti and that is decidedly on my side of Rome. After a warm thunderstorm on […]

Rome Gelato Tour: Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè

After eating at both San Crispino and Grom within 15 minutes, we had officially had a lot of gelato. BUT on E’s Great Gelato Tour you can always find room for more. San Crispino and Grom are only about a 2 minutes walk apart.  That is a very little time to eat a lot of […]

Rome Gelato Tour: Grom

Stop two on E’s great gelato tour: Grom. Grom feels American because it feels cookie-cutter.  Grom is not a Roman institution, it is a chain and didn’t open its first location in the eternal city until earlier this year. Grom rotates its flavors monthly, which is less often than most of the smaller shops.  Here […]