The Eatery: Rome’s Popup Restaurant

UPDATE 2019: The Eatery popup is no more. Sofie and Domenico have opened a micro-bakery and restaurant (yay!) called Marigold. It is open Tuesday – Sunday in Ostiense.

Travelers passing through; new arrivals settling in; seasoned expats; future Rome-dwellers; locals. 12 of us in total.

The Eatery Rome Eschewing our local Saturday night trattorie, we found ourselves gathering together and introducing one another before for a home-cooked meal around a communal table.

Eatery menu

As the sunset, the menu literally emerged off the patio doors. The same patio on which the cheese in our first course had been furtively smoked the night before.

Edible garden appetizer

Our night at The Eatery, a popup restaurant curated by Sophie and Domenico, began with a garden. Tender vegetables from a local biodynamic farm, with a side of homemade bread.

pea soup rome

Fresh pea soup with French radish and cheese followed.

rotolo ricotta

We took a break from getting to know each other when the rotolo of fresh spelt (farro) pasta with ricotta and asparagus arrived.

You know everyone is happy when they stop talking and focus on eating.

pork chop lemon olive

Pork loin, lightly breaded with olives and lemon zest came next.

bavarian cream

Followed by Bavarian cream with strawberries, rhubarb and meringue crumble, ending one of the best balanced meals I have had in a very long time.

Fresh ingredients and the honest-to-goodness hospitality have been greatly lacking in my life recently, so a night at The Eatery was exactly what I hoped for. Sofie and Domenico are quite the duo, and have created an incredible atmosphere to go with their perfectly planned pop-up menus.

eatery daisyDid I mention all the adorable details? Like the table settings? Or that each course was paired with Sofie’s delicious homemade bread and a lovely wine?  (Which reminds me- Sofie, please can I just show up once a week and buy bread?).

40 euro, including water and coffee. Wine menu separate.  Email Sofie to reserve your spot at The Eatery’s next event. You can find more information on the Eatery’s website and Facebook, or give them a call at +393454004683.

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