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Stopping for Saints: Religious Procession in Testaccio

We came back from Castel Gandolfo sunburned and satisfied. Slowly, slowly, we walked back from the metro and towards home. Then we heard the music. Tomorrow is a ponte – a bridge.  That is the day off you take between the weekend and the actual holiday, which is on Tuesday.  So it is a kind […]

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! A day celebrating the ladies, that is not widely practiced in the United States, but which wikipedia describes as a “mix of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.” In Italy, you’ll see men selling mimosa sprigs on nearly every corner. The affordable yellow bloom is often given on this day, with daffodils gaining […]

Il Presepio- Italian Nativity Scenes

We are gearing up to celebrate to Christmas in Rome, and while we have propped up a sad imitation tree that did not really survive the year well in the attic, many homes around us have set up ‘il presepio’. A presepio (or presepe) is a Christmas manger scene that is set up in a […]

Riots in Rome: 100 injured, 1 Million Euro in Damages

Yesterday, what was supposed to be a peaceful protest inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement was hijacked by violent rioters. I’m not sure if I moved to Rome at a strange time, but though I was shocked by the images being broadcast from a mile away, I wasn’t surprised.  I mean, this happened in […]