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Saldi: Sale Season in Italy

Oh, how I miss all things bargain-priced. The Euro-Dollar exchange rate can be a killer, so I have a biannual event that I always look forward to: SALDI! Saldi (sales) happen twice a year in Italy and they are a HUGE deal.  There are very strict laws governing the timing and labeling requirements for sales […]

Getting Lost in Rome

One of the best things about living in Italy is getting lost. Rome is not a city built on a grid. Streets you think are parallel end up leading you astray, and the network of small alleys and hard-to-find street signs is a recipe for “where the hell are we!? I thought Piazza Trilussa was […]

Living La Dolce Vita: Cappuccio

Christine, who lives in Florence and is the expat behind Ciao, Christy has started a “La Dolce Vita” series on her blog and encouraged all of us English language bloggers to write about our own sweet lives in Italy. I can, and do, complain about the crazy bureaucracy involved with living in Italy. I miss […]