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Using Credit Cards in Italy

hands touching a blue credit card over food on counter

In the past ten years, it has become increasingly common to use credit cards in Italy. As of 2019, many brick and mortar businesses (including stores and restaurants) now accept most international cards. Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly accepted credit cards in Italy, and while American Express is accepted in some places, there […]

What Does Spaghetti Mean in Italian?

what does spaghetti mean definition

Living in Italy has showed me how NOT to learn Italian. Osmosis – Unfortunately, merely being surrounded by Italian will only help you to a certain extent. You have to be an active participant in the dialogue in order to really learn the language. Dating – No. Just no.  Here’s why. Online Language Courses – […]

Best Views of Rome

Confession: I rank Rome’s landmarks and monuments based on how much they look like cake. That means that my favorite is the Colosseum at night, but Palazzo Vittorio Emmanuele comes in a solid second: Having already scored major brownie points for looking like an over-the-top wedding cake, I found out that Palazzo Vittorio Emmanuele was […]

The Best Way to Learn Italian is to Date an Italian

The next person that tells me the best way to learn Italian is to get an Italian boyfriend, is gonna get smacked. The first 40 times I heard this, I laughed it off, pretending each time that it was somehow funny or original. Don’t get me wrong- Italian men are beautiful.  They wear beautiful clothes, […]