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Finding Foreign Beer in Rome

When it comes to Italian beer, I’m a Nastro Azzuro girl.  It’s light, refreshing and easy to drink.  My main gripe about beer in Italy is the lack of variety.  I can occasionally find an artisanal Italian beer, and they are very very good, but sometimes a girl needs a little spice in her life. […]

Rome on Sundays: Fori Imperiali

I’m notorious for self-imposed “Out of Rome” Sundays, but sticking around the city ain’t half bad. After living here for so long, the Colosseum still holds a special special place in my romantic American imagination. On Sundays, Via dei Fori Imperiali, or the street that leads past the Roman Forum and to the Colosseum, is […]

I Have an Italian DISHWASHER!

I have lived my apartment for nine months and I learned something new this week- I have a dishwasher. An actual machine, that cleans dishes automatically, right in my kitchen.  It has been here the entire time, and I’m not even the one that found it a few days ago. Just to remind you, my […]

Italian Easter Eggs

close up of Italian Easter egg packaging

Brightly colored cellophane has been taunting me. Italian Easter eggs are large, in charge and unavoidable. Walking down the street, riding the bus, on the metro: it seems like everyone has huge Easter eggs peeking out of their bags. Giant, chocolate, eggs. The phenomenon seems on par with the panettone craze that struck everyone at […]

Happy 2764th Birthday Rome!

When I first visited Rome for 3 days in 2004, I had no idea the city would become my home away from home. Today, Rome turns 2764 years young! Rome and I happen to share birthday weeks, and the old girl’s incredible age makes my transition from twenty-something to older-twenty-something feel slightly less traumatic. Auguri […]

Monday Morning Market Trips

The good thing about Mondays is that they are no longer Sundays. That means the market, which is always closed on Sunday (the one day a week I seem to want to go), is back open. In an under-caffeinated beginning of the week haze, I almost went to the supermercato. I snapped out of it […]

What Do Pets Say in Italian?

For some reason, possibly because I am easily entertained, I think it’s hilarious to hear dog commands in Italian. “Vieni!” “Seduto!” I’m not sure why it never occurred to me that if you speak another language, you speak that language to your pet as well.  But it’s strange not to hear: “Come!” “Sit!” “Good dog!” […]