Italian Milk on the Shelf

File this under things I will never get used to: shelf milk.

Walk into any Italian supermarket and you will be greeted by a refrigerator section filled with more types of cured ham than you can shake a stick at.  Browse the rows of cheeses, take in all the yogurts, but if you’re looking for eggs or milk, you won’t find them in the cooler.

They’ll be on the shelf.

This bothers me in a way I cannot define. My American brain cannot process it. It feels not right.

You can find a few bottles of fresh milk in the fridge, but most of the milk will be ‘shelf-stable.’

I think I’ll stick to my ‘soya drink.’

P.S. If you’re around Rome tonight, come out to Scholars for a great fundraiser!

3 thoughts on “Italian Milk on the Shelf

  1. Nerys says:

    There’s shelf milk in the UK too, maybe it’s a European thing? I’m not a big fan of it here though, Italian UHT milk has that strange taste…

  2. sagat says:

    There is nothing wrong with longlife UHT milk (probably not common in the States) it is more economical to get these than say fresh milk (if you to throw away after a few days)

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