Italian Basil

I would love to be able to grow my own basil, but I kill every green thing that has the misfortune of crossing my doorstep.

There’s something about the daily watering that makes something in my brain click and go “Whoa. Plant. Look. That’s a major commitment that you seem to be looking for. I’m not at a place in my life where I can promise you that kind of daily attention. I just moved to a new country- I’m not ready for anything serious.”

Since I am incapable of caring for a basic household plant, I have to buy herbs when I want to cook.  Buying basil shouldn’t be an issue at all- there is no shortage of great, fresh produce in Italy.

BUT the problem with working from home is that sometimes I stand at the window and think “Hmm.. that looks cold…” Since I don’t do cold, it can be really difficult to talk myself into leaving my little Roman apartment before noon, when all the market stands start to close.

Luckily, for lazy, agriculturally-challenged ex-pats like me, there’s always the supermarket.  And for 0.99 Euro I can pick up this baby:

I was confused by the heft the first time I picked one up in the store.  But when I got home it made sense:

In the US, buying basil in the supermarket means picking up a box of leaves, but Italian basil comes with roots and all.

The whole package, with none of the commitment.  Well played, Italy, well played.

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