Riots in Rome: 100 injured, 1 Million Euro in Damages

Yesterday, what was supposed to be a peaceful protest inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement was hijacked by violent rioters.

I’m not sure if I moved to Rome at a strange time, but though I was shocked by the images being broadcast from a mile away, I wasn’t surprised.  I mean, this happened in December.

It was much much worse this time.

Rex images

Again, this stems from a very complicated political situation that I don’t think I’m in a position to comment much on, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the turn for the worse had something to do with Berlusconi’s narrow confidence vote the day before.

He needed a minimum 316 votes. He got exactly 316 votes.

We didn’t see any of the violence, though it took place within easy walking distance from our home.  Life in our neighborhood went on as usual as riot police blocked off all the tunnels that could be used by protesters to cross over to our side of the ancient Roman wall.

Things are normal again, but there has been more and more anarchist graffiti popping up.

The revolution is a daily exercise’

I just hope the next time Rome “Rises Up” there will be less homemade bombs and burning cars.





2 thoughts on “Riots in Rome: 100 injured, 1 Million Euro in Damages

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  2. Paula Feldman says:

    Considering that you don’t have the instruments to comment you hit the nail on the head. The same thing happened in 2001 at the G8 in Genoa…black block strangely infiltrated into the peaceful manifestation against G8. The major problem is that the news uses this negative situation to take the importance away from the 99% INDIGNADOS movement which peacefully marched all over the WESTERN world….

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