Now, let me first say that there are lots of Italian fashion choices that are refined and absolutely lovely.  There are other Italian fashion trends that I do NOT understand. No matter how hard I try, or how many people I see rocking the look, it does not make sartorial sense.

Take for instance the tapered sweatpant.  As a female human being over the age of 11, I can say that the tapered pant is difficult to pull off.  Hips and thighs tend to be magnified when paired with a slim ankle, not to mention the added cozy bulk of sweatpant material.

Yet, the tapered sweatpant continues to thrive! It has its adherents among men and women (where is sometimes paired with a wedge running shoe, if you are lucky).

This sartorial confusion is compounded by the brand Frutta.  I cannot really process the fact that there is a popular brand called ‘Frutta’.

But the thing I really, really, really don’t get? Frutta on the butt.

On a tapered leg sweatpant, obviously.

6 thoughts on “Frutta!

  1. Eric Anderson says:

    Is “Fruit of the Loom” really any different? Also is text on the bottom of the pants I have seen also. Just type in “words pants butt” into Google image search.

    Not trying to defend the fashion. Just saying it isn’t unique to Italy. 🙂

  2. Dena says:

    Guess it is to the equal of the american writing crap cross their butts. LIKE , PINK , why i ask !!! your butt looks big enough, unless you are so tini tiny,And even then i say we don’t need to hang a bulletin board there, and IF your gona do it i say get paid and advertise a store or restaurant, or gelato place. Just my thoughts

    • Juan says:

      My wife, Lindsay, and I are hoynnmoonieg in Umbria over New Year’s and plan on visiting Rome and Florence for sure. I can’t wait to try all of the delicious places you’ve come across on your journeys I’ll definitely be checking out all of the Italy posts this week! Thanks!

  3. Luca says:

    I’m italian, I’m 21, and I really don’t get it too!

    I’m reading your “web-diary” and it’s hilarious!!!
    I love this part:

    “After 26 years of speaking English, I am always surprised to find words I don’t know, like FUNICULAR. I am 98% sure I have never heard this word before. “You mean that tram thing that goes up the steep hill? It’s not a GONDOLA? Are you serious?”


    “The one rule you have to learn about taking to the streets of Rome on a scooter is: rules are meant to be broken.”

    this one it’s so true!

    Rome is not perfect, but i love it anyway! 🙂

    Un abbraccio da Roma 🙂


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