On my first trip to Rome, I was terrified of the city because I was almost hit by a motorino on the sidewalk.

Sidewalks, riding the wrong way down one way streets, holding umbrellas while driving in the rain, cell phones jammed into helmets for a cheap handsfree solution? I’ve seen it all.

But, when I’m not terrified of crossing the street in front of them, I have to admit that the idea of Vespas and motorbikes is pretty much as Italian as it gets.

Except of course when you throw in a tricolore helmet that looks just like the Italian flag.

I had to take a picture of him coming, and going.

8 thoughts on “Motorino

    • L'americana says:

      haha, so true! I don’t think twice about it any more, but I still give scooter drivers the stink eye to make sure they stop when I’m crossing the street!

  1. Murissa says:

    Rome was very overwhelming for my first location in Italy but it really helped me ease into city spaces like Florence and Venice. I appreciated these slower cities more so because of the fast and vast city of Rome.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

    • L'americana says:

      That’s a great way to look at it. Rome was my final stop after Venice and Florence, so I think I was a little frazzled by the end.

  2. LindyLouMac in Italy says:

    I have been away from my computer so a bit late catching up on some of your posts. Congratulations on finishing your last exam, will you be staying in Italy now you have completed Grad school.

    I love his helmet and the nuns baseball caps, as for the new brand of cocacola 🙂

    • L'americana says:

      Thank you! I hope you’ve been enjoying a computer-free summer break 🙂

      It is always a small hassle with extending visa and permesso, but I’ll be sticking around!

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