Roman Postcards

Everyone, ev-er-y-one, is on vacation.

Almost everything is closed for ferie.

Trying to get a reservation for tonight was a challenge.

The near empty streets are pretty awesome, though. I love turning the corner and spotting a landmark like Santa Maria Maggiore.

Buon Ferragosto!

2 thoughts on “Roman Postcards

  1. Dena says:

    Buon giorno, I going to stay in rome in an apartment near piazza novona, for 2 weeks arriving the 20th, saw all the big tourist stuff YEARS ago, now going to just enjoy the small things , walk and see and enjoy gelato and sit with a good cup of coffee, Take lots of pictures arround the city, check out the places you have written about, get food at the market, do a little cooking , hoping to meet some older italian mama and watch her cook and learn some of her secrets, SO is EVERYTHING closed ? I recently lost 53 lbs, so i want to buy some clothes too. Will i still be able to do the things i want to enjoy there. And any suggestions on a must do, while i am there . appreciate any suggestions. CONGRATS on the schooling, It seems you have done well with your life, You should be proud of yourself, Would love to sell everything and start a life in Italy, but i guess i am to old for that. 50+ yrs. Chio

    • L'americana says:

      Hi Dena!

      There are still a few things open, especially in the center where you are staying. Some of the clothing stores might be shut until about Aug 28th, and you may be working on that awesome shopping spree later in your trip. I was at one of the larger food markets yesterday and some of the vendors were preparing to shut up shop for awhile. The market at campo dei fiori is still open, but that’s mainly dried food options. I’m sure you will be able to find everything you want and need, it might just take some extra effort for the first couple of days- but wandering the city looking for shops will be great. Enjoy!

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