On Pause: Free Rome Museums and Monuments the First Sunday of the Month (Domenica al Museo)

Update November 2019: While many cultural sites observe the first Sunday, each museum selects its own 8 free days which you can search for on Io Vado al Museo. It is best to double check to avoid disappointment.

The first Sunday of every month, cultural sites run by the state are totally free in Rome. That means that once a month, you have the chance to visit museums, galleries, archaeological sites and monuments without paying anything. (Though keep in mind that while the main sites or permanent collections are free, special exhibits might still require an entrance fee).

However, there are several museums in Rome which are free every day:

Free Museums in Rome

Known as Domenica al Museo (Museum Sunday), the first Sunday is a wonderful time to visit some of Rome’s top attractions as well as an excuse to seek out lesser-visited spots.

Want to take advantage? Here are all the free openings in Rome for the first Sunday of every month:

Free Rome Museums and Monuments the first Sunday of the Month (owned by the state):

The MAXXI offers free entrance to the permanent collection (Gallery 4) every Tuesday through Friday, and the first Sunday of the month.per tutti dal martedì al venerdì e ogni prima domenica del mese.

Free Rome City Museums

Every first Sunday of the month, Rome residents also have free entry to certain city museums. (You must show proof of residency to be able to enter without buying a ticket on this day). The free city museums include:

Domenica al Museo is a great time to get out in Rome to see some of these amazing museums for free (though don’t be shy about going all the other days of the month when the ticket price helps to support these great institutions).

Hoping to see the Vatican Museums for free? They are not a part of Domenica al Museo, but they are free the last Sunday of the month (instead of the first Sunday), up until 1 pm. Good luck. The line will be CRAZY!

Looking for more things to do on a budget? Here are 50 free things to do in Rome.

14 thoughts on “On Pause: Free Rome Museums and Monuments the First Sunday of the Month (Domenica al Museo)

    • Natalie says:

      Ciao! You have to book anything that normally requires a reservation like Galleria Borghese (you pay the booking fee but not the ticket price, in that case). Otherwise, just show up but be prepared to wait in line!

  1. Alex says:

    Are skip-the-line tickets available on the first sunday of the month? (Coliseum, roman forum, etc.) Can you still use the Roma Pass advantages?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Barbi! If you check the top of the post – I added a line that explains the first Sunday of March 2019 is NOT free (this is an exception). Instead, everything will be free from 5-10 March as part of a special culture week

      • Nicole says:

        I am confused (apparently I’m a little slow haha). Was the pause just for March 2019 or is that continuing throughout the rest of 2019 through September? I am headed to Italy next week and will actually be in Rome on April 7 (the first Sunday of April). I’m wondering if we can just plan to head to the Colosseum before opening to try to get in line early or if I should be booking something in advance. Thank you!

  2. Camilla says:

    Hi! Is the first Sunday of May going to be free? On some websites I read that it is only free for Italian citizens, but tourists still have to pay full price.

  3. Inoka says:

    You are correct Natalie. First Sunday is not free yet. Today There was a long queue. But finally they charged. I want to know is this continuing for all the state places till September?

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