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Santo: Bistrot and Cocktails in Trastevere (Rome)

Apparently no one is going to Santo, yet. For the first 30 minutes of our visit, we were the only people in the recently opened cocktail bar and bistrot. Set back off the busiest piazza in Trastevere, you must wind along Via della Paglia before you finally arrive at the new glass doors that lead […]

Video Tour of Trastevere

Rome Food Tour in Trastevere

Is it possible to be nostalgic about something that hasn’t yet ended? That is a bit how I have felt the last few weeks when walking through Trastevere. The lovely Roman neighborhood is quiet these days. And while the people are gone, the terra-cotta colors and shady corners are all the more inviting. Here is […]

Niji: Cocktails in Trastevere, Rome

I have suddenly acquired a taste for cocktails. I used to shun mixed drinks in favor of wine and beer because the descriptions on the ubiquitous cocktail list brought to mind brightly colored sugary, hangover-inducing abominations. But Rome’s cocktail scene has grown up, and that is obvious at the cozy local haunts like Niji. Niji […]

Santa Maria in Trastevere

I was sitting in front of Santa Maria in Trastevere recently to finish my Fior di Luna gelato con calma. It’s seriously not the worst. From its cosmati floors: To the tip-top of its burnished gold altar. I wanted to revisit the church after reading a short story about a woman’s love affair with a statue […]

Fior di Luna Gelato in Trastevere, Rome

Just before the draped ivy curtain that falls across Via della Lungaretta is Fior di Luna. The small gelato shop is a bit obscured by ivy itself. Inside the cool, dim gelateria are rows of freshly made gelato. At Fior di Luna, I tend to gravitate towards their rich chocolate flavors. But the bright fruit flavors, […]

Pianostrada: Pasta and Panini in Trastevere

I rely on Uber a bit too much in Rome… mainly because the attitude I get from many of Rome’s taxi drivers. But trying to take an Uber XL to Pianostrada was the wrong choice. The poor van driver tried valiantly to navigate the vicoli (alleys) of Trastevere, before I told him to stop and let […]