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Pico’s Taco Shop in Rome

When it comes to Mexican food in Rome, I am usually curious but incredibly skeptical. Yes, I know there is a place by the Vatican. No, I am not a fan. So when I heard that Pico’s Tacos was (re)opening in Trastevere, I was intrigued but not willing to roll out the red carpet welcome. […]

Latteria Studio in Trastevere

Walking into Latteria Studio is like visiting your coolest friend’s new house. You know the friend I am talking about. That one who has traveled everywhere, picked up bits and pieces here and there, pulled out incredible finds at thrift shops, and always has the best taste. As the days get the shorter, the nights […]

Les Vignerons: Natural Wine in Trastevere

Ok, world. The American election season is finally winding down. I have no words. But I do think it it safe to say that we could all use a drink. (What I mean is: I could use all the drinks). There is a dearth of good wine in Trastevere. Right now, we are treated to the […]

La Punta: Cocktails in Trastevere, Rome

There are a lot of places I have liked recently in Rome. Mercato Centrale? Intriguing but not somewhere I really want to hang out. Mazzo? Pretty good, but far. Madre? Ok. But it has been a very long time since a new Rome restaurant really impressed me. La Punta is better than good. The new […]