Palazzo San Niccolò in Florence

While it is possible to visit Florence as a day trip from Rome, it is a city that deserves much more time.

Before autumn really truly arrived, Jimmy and I decided that we needed to fit in an overnight trip to Firenze.

We have been trying to discover more of the city, and have slowly managed to branch out away from the hive of activity around the Duomo to explore Oltrarno. But San Niccolo? It was a neighborhood that we had never heard of.

One of Florence’s oldest areas, the neighborhood has become a lot more accessible to guests with the opening of Palazzo San Niccolò.

Georgette of Girl in Florence tipped us off to the apartment-style hotel that has been built into two old palazzi in the charming area.

Entering through a simple gate, the hotel soon emerges as a mix of airy open spaces, modern décor and original architectural details.

As soon as I saw the lounge, I wanted to stay even longer.

Palazzo San Niccolò has managed the blend of rustic charm and contemporary design that I wish I could master in my own home.

Because the hotel has been created inside buildings that date back to the 1400s, each room has a slightly different layout, but all are spacious with plenty of natural light.

Palazzo San Niccolò specializes in apartments, so each room also has a seating area, as well as a small kitchenette (with a few exceptions).

I love the addition of the kitchen, because it allows for late starts to the morning and the chance to swing by a local market to better experience what it might be like to live in Florence for real.

(Hint: it is super dreamy).

In between gelato cones, slow glasses of wine, museums and shopping, there is also a secluded garden in the back of the hotel that offers a private place to relax.

We will certainly be back.

Palazzo San Niccolò

Via di S. Niccolò, 79
50125 Florence

+39 055 244509

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