What to Wear in Rome in Autumn

Autumn in Rome can be absolute perfection. The time between the too-hot days of August and the onset of winter are some of my favorite weeks of the year. But because the weather is less predictable, it can be hard to know what to pack for Rome in autumn.

September tends to stay very warm, and October transitions into sunny days and cooler evenings, but are overall likely to be lovely and temperate. By November, the weather starts to shift and you might want to come prepared for rain and a few colder days.

Here is what to wear in Rome in Autumn:

Midi-dress or skirt: Romans do not go out underdressed. For example, gray t-shirts are considered strictly gym wear, and gym wear, in general, would never ben worn out in public. Luckily, there are easy ways to look put together and still stay comfortable while exploring the Eternal City. I am obsessed with this midi-dress which would be perfect for this in-between season in Rome, though a long-sleeved shirt dress might be more versatile to mix and match. Longer skirts will also add a hint of warmth and can be paired with tights if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

A light jacket or cardigan: During fall in Rome, I pretty live in my Anorak jacket. The extra layer doesn’t add a lot of heft, but it cuts down on any breeze that might otherwise be too chilly.  In keeping with the Roman custom of dressing up rather than down, it is impossible to go wrong with a classic trench coat, or a light draped jacket (though you probably won’t need anything this heavy during September).  A good transition piece to consider if coming in late fall is a sweater like this one, which can be layered for more warmth if needed.

Jeans or cotton trousers: Regardless of the time of year, Italians love a bit of color. This applies even to jeans and trousers – so pack a pair with fall colors to really fit in and stay comfy while trekking across the city. I love this affordable burgundy pair.

Scarf: This goes for pretty much any time of year, but if you feel a breeze you will also see the Romans break out their scarves. Easy to pack and light, they have quickly become some of my favorite accessories to wear in Italy. Pick darker colors for fall and instantly dress up even a simple outfit of jeans and t-shirt.

Short boots: Cobblestones can be tricky, so I don’t recommend anything higher than a short stacked heel – plus, the city is gorgeous in autumn so you will probably want to do a lot of walking. If there is rain in the forecast, go with a waterproof pair. Though the rest of the time, you can also do as the Roman do and pair understated Nikes with everything.

Here are some of my favorite picks for what to wear in Rome in autumn:


(It still sounds funny to me to say “autumn,” because it seems so formal.  However, Jimmy assures me that only Americans say “fall.”)

If you are still unsure of what to pack, you can also read through this guide of when to go to Rome, which breaks down what to expect every month of the year.

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  1. Katie says:

    Love this advice! But I’m struggling so much to find a decent sized heel on boots while I’m on a budget here in Rome haha! Glad that I have the right colour trouser though! 🙂

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