A Weekend in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo Sicily accommodation

Whenever I travel, I like to play a game in my head called “Could We Live Here?

The rules are simple: pay attention to the people and place, examine houses closely, and walk by the window of an estate agency to check on prices.

The game is now a part of my normal travel process and I play it constantly.

Lilongwe, Malawi: An easy no. Too quiet, even though I am a quiet person.

Procida, Italy: For a few months a year.  We would soon be itching to explore more than the tiny confines of the island, though the cuteness and fresh seafood would keep us more than happy for awhile.

Berlin, Germany: Probably not. Lots of cool happenings, but also cold. So cold.

Palermo streets

Palermo, Sicily: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Palermo Sicily accommodation

Preferably, we would buy a small flat that overlooked a church, just like the airbnb we stayed in.

Palermo granita brioche

On hot summer mornings, I would walk down each day to order a granita for breakfast.

Palermo market

I would do all my shopping at the market.

Palermo 2015-8

Expertly dodging motorini.

Palermo 2015-11

And stocking up on tomatoes.

Palermo pony

I would stop to pet the neighborhood pony.

sicily church

And stop into church.

Sicilian seafood

I would savor long lunches.

Palermo 2015-3

And drink in the city every day.

Take me back, please.



10 thoughts on “A Weekend in Palermo, Sicily

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  2. Jennifer (aka Dr. J) says:

    I love playing the ‘could I live here’ game too. I agree…. I could definitely live in Palermo. The only problem is I would likely gain about 20 lbs if I did since there is so much amazing food here: arancine, gelato in brioche, and copious amount of Sicilian wine.

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  4. Dario says:

    What a wonderful representation of Palermo…and, I fully concur with other readers, beautifully captured by your pictures.
    It makes me slightly embarrassed, as I have to admit that I’ve never been there.
    I shall have to remedy that.

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