Mondello Beach: How to Visit the Stunning Sea in Sicily

Mondello beach plays no small part in my desperation to get back to Palermo ASAP.

mondello near palermo

Crystalline water is set against white sand and distant rocky peaks.

Mondello is otherworldly beautiful.

Mondello beach palermo

And Mondello is lucky it is so good looking because the bus ride to get there was heinous.

And I deal with Rome at rush hour every day.

Mondello Sicily

For pretty much the entire 1-hour bus ride, I had a scrotum about 2.3 inches from the left ear.

Imagine how crowded the bus has to be to make that even possible.

However, taking the bus from Palermo is by far the cheapest way to get to Mondello beach. Simply catch the 806, a seasonal bus that runs from the center of the city to Mondello from April through October.

But if you are willing to spend €25, it might be a better idea to take a taxi to Mondello. If you are driving your own car, simply be sure to buy a parking ticket at a local tabacchi shop when you arrive.

Palermo beach nearby


Mondello beach is beautiful, and only 12 km north of Palermo.

Palermo Mondello day trip

Simply hop on the 806 bus from the city center and you are on your way to Sicilian beach freedom.

However, in summer, what should be a 30-minute bus ride can easily take an hour.

If the bus even comes at all.

Mondello Sicily

The terrible bus ride made the little beachside town of Mondello feel like even more of a paradise when we finally spilled from it.

Mondello day trip

We settled in for a seaside lunch of pasta with clams while looking out over the unreal, sparkling water.

Mondello daytrip

Then splurged all of 5 euro for a seat with an umbrella at the beach.

The proximately to Palermo makes Mondello beach a perfect day trip if you can stand the bus ride.

Palermo 2015-20

We opted to take a taxi back for €25 – and the added bonus of personal space.

Worth it. For more on Mondello and Palermo, read Julia’s account of making friends with the BBQ man.

Where to Stay in Mondello

Many of Palermo’s wealthiest families actually live in villas in Mondello instead of in the city center. If you want to experience life like Sicilian royalty, or simply spend more time at the beach and not have to deal with buses, then it is not a bad idea to stay in Mondello instead of downtown. 

  • Mondello Palace Hotel: Located across the street from the beach, and boasting its own pool, this is one of the best true hotel options in Mondello. The rooms have lots of natural light and many also have balconies. There is parking on site, which is a huge plus if you are traveling by car.
  • Casa Agave: This two bedroom apartment is right off the beach in Mondello and has some amazing views of the water – there is even a small terrace that overlooks Mondello Bay. The location is unbeatable and means that you have somewhere close to the sea when you want to take a break from lounging. There is also free Wi-Fi and a full kitchen so you can settle in and feel right at home.
  • B&B Casa Chinaski: This charming B&B is about a 10-minute walk from the water. Even though it isn’t beachfront, it is still a wonderful place to stay in Mondello thanks to the friendly owners, awesome design with antique touches, and dreamy veranda.

And if you want to stay in Mondello in summer – book as early as you can! It is a very popular stop when the weather is warm.


14 thoughts on “Mondello Beach: How to Visit the Stunning Sea in Sicily

  1. Sal says:

    When we visited family in September 2012, we stayed in an apartment right above the main square. It was paradise. The crowds were gone, the water was still warm, the nights were cool.

    I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    • Natalie says:

      An excellent question. I was next to the window and he was crouched on a ledge that was NOT meant for sitting. There was someone sitting between me and aisle, and literally so many people that I could not move!

  2. Elena says:

    Hi there,
    I am planning to visit Mondello in about a week and I was wondering is it safe to just leave your stuff at the beach and go for a swim?

  3. Tracey says:

    Natalie! I laughed out loud on my sun lounge as we cruise toward Palermo! Brilliant article. Thank you. Don’t care for scrotums by my ear, so will take your advice and cough up 25 € for a taxi to Mondello tomorrow 🙂 I truly believe you saved us a torturous bus trip. Xxx

  4. john lunghi says:

    can you please tell me where exactly is the PRIVATE beach in Mondello. We are staying at Mercure Palermo Centro, in Palermo.

    Thank you.

    • Natalie says:

      The private beaches run along the entire sand and are easy to spot. Anywhere with chairs and umbrellas out is a private place. You pay for the chair for the day and then can use the facilities.

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