La Conchiglia Beach Club in Procida, Italy

There are a few traditions that we like to repeat as often as possible and somehow we have settled upon an annual lunch at La Conchiglia in Procida as one of them.

It is not a bad tradition to repeat as often as possible.

La Conchiglia is a restaurant on the beach, which looks out across the water at Procida’s most famous marina view.

As far as I have been able to find, it is the only restaurant on Procida which sits on the water and faces Marina di Corricella – the gorgeous, colorful port that appears on all the postcards of this tiny island.

Procida is located in the Bay of Naples, next to Ischia. However, it doesn’t have the same pristine beaches. But I still love it. The feeling is much more low key and the island is smaller and easier to navigate.

On the previous times that we have gone to La Conchiglia, we arrived on foot and walked down the steep set of steps to the sand.

Luckily, this time we were alerted to the fact that you can arrive by boat. Much like Da Adolfo in Positano, La Conchiglia has a complimentary boat pick up for customers. (though, as with all of Procida compared to the Amalfi Coast, it is more rustic in style).

You do not need proof of a reservation to board, though you will get better chairs on the beach if you have booked ahead. Simply be at the port in Corricella in front of Pizzeria Fuego at noon.

If the boat is too full, it will make the short trip and turn around again for the next group – and you shouldn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes. (Don’t be late! If there is no one else waiting at 12 pm, the boat will not make a second trip).

Here is the trick – the restaurant does not open until 1 pm, so if you are planning to take the boat (which I recommend because it is obviously a lot more fun), then I suggest that you rent a beach chair for the day. It should set you back €8 and it is the ideal place to lounge before the meal and sleep off the indulgence later.

Capri is only an island away, so start with the Caprese. Don’t skimp on the white wine with peaches (which isn’t on the menu, but ask for it like all the regulars do). Finally, say yes yes yes to the pasta alla pescatora povera – with anchovy fillets, green peppers, and pecorino cheese.

This will be the view out the window so also don’t be shy about lingering.

The boat back to Marina di Corricella leaves from the small dock at 5 pm.

La Conchiglia

Via Pizzaco, 10

+39 081 896 7602 or visit the website


2 thoughts on “La Conchiglia Beach Club in Procida, Italy

  1. Jacquelyn Laurenda says:

    Ah, how nostalgic I am already for Procida and La Conchiglia! My five-year-old granddaughter Lulu and I had a highly memorable beach day here on August 14. Lunch here was out of this world; as Lulu put it while eating alici and gazing across the water, “Procida is the best world.” It was such a good lunch that we planned to visit La Conchiglia again on Ferragosto and made a reservation, but as you’ll no doubt recall the weather was wretched on August 15 this year (in fact, we got caught in a torrential downpour after our lunch, and the roof at La Conchiglia isn’t exactly watertight!). Late summer thunderstorms and all, this place is wonderful. Looking forward to next time, when I’ll be sure to ask for the white wine with peaches – thanks for the tip!

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