Da Adolfo: Beach Restaurant in Positano

From the moment we pulled into the port in Positano and I spotted a boat with a little red sign, I knew I was going to love Da Adolfo.

Da Adolfo Boat

You see, the only way to reach Da Adolfo, which is nestled on a private beach, is by boat.

The view of Positano as you pull away is gorgeous, and it is easy to become lost in the scenery in the 5 minute ride.

Positano Italy DaAdolfo

Almost too soon, you pull up to simple dock and pebbly beach.

Positano Italy-13

Da Adolfo is part beach club, and part restaurant.

Most people go for the food, but by our second trip, we had learned better and also booked our lettini (beach chairs) ahead of time.

Positano Italy beach restaurant

At just €8 for the day, Da Adolfo has some of the most affordable beachside loungers in Positano.  Add a €5 umbrella, dump your towel to mark your spot, and wade into the clear cool sea.

Positano Da Adolfo

But really? Obviously, you go for the food.

On our first visit I spotted a plate that read “Da Natalie” instead of “Da Adolfo.”

I nearly lost my mind.

“Ma, perchè??” I kept asking the waiters, who had NO IDEA why there was a plate named after Natalie, but dutifully pulled it from the pile for me.

Mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves

We started, as you should, will mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves.

“Can I eat the leaf?” I asked the waiter.

“You can try!” he laughed.

So, no. Don’t try to eat the leaves, but do order the dish because the melted cheese is imparted with a slightly citrusy flavor that I can’t stop thinking about.

Da Adolfo Positano Menu

What to order next?

The daily menu, written on a chalkboard, is fish heavy.  The beachside setting is perfect for seafood, and if you are in the mood, don’t pass up a full fish grilled fresh to order.

Da adolfo clam pasta

Having indulged a bit in a seafood dinner, we honed in on the pasta.

Jimmy went with the classic vongole (clams) and liked it so much that he only allowed me one tiny bite.  Al dente and the right amount of sauce, he declared.

Positano Italy-21

I was too intrigued to pass up the house special – a kind of pesto made with almonds, friggitelli (mild green peppers), and cheese.

Smoky, salty, perfection.

Da Adolfo Peach Sangria

And to drink? Well, white wine with peaches, naturally.

They humored our three-hour lunch session in which we ordered a second pitcher to toast our incredible luck at having found such a perfect Amalfi Coast restaurant.

Da Adolfo restaurant amalfi coast

However, when I tried to insist that I wanted to buy the “Da Natalie” plate, I think they thought it was the white wine and peaches talking.

But I really wanted that plate…

Jimmy and I loved Da Adolfo so much that we went back to celebrate our anniversary. Knowing that Da Adolfo is just one train, one ferry ride, and a little red fish topped boat away is going to get dangerous.

Go. Go and toast your good fortune.

Da Adolfo
Via Laurito, 40,
Positano, Italy

Reservations required: +39 089 875022

Lunch from 1 pm on.

19 thoughts on “Da Adolfo: Beach Restaurant in Positano

  1. Divya says:

    Mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves? I’m losing my mind, that sounds SO damn good and green pepper pesto? Holy moly!

    Also, happy anniversary! 🙂

  2. Meagan says:

    Loved this post, Natalie! Makes me want to go back like NOW. I want to eat every single thing you photographed. Time to start planning our next trip!

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Allen – I emailed them to ask but have not heard back. You might want to give them a quick call because calling is the only way to make a reservation.

  3. Megan says:

    Does the boat over only run at specific times or will they tell you what boat to take when you make a reservation? Also, is this an all-day affair or is there a specific time of day you’d recommend?

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