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Roscioli is a pretty well-known name around Rome so it should be no surprise that Rimessa Roscioli is something special. The restaurant and wine bar hosts one of the best wine tasting experiences in the city. However, even when you can’t be in Rome, you can still stay connected (and have an incredible home tasting experience) by joining the Roscioli Wine Club.

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I’ve always been a wine club fan and have, over the course of my wine drinking life, joined several. But the Roscioli wine club stands out because of the overall experience in addition to the amazing curation of wines. Rather than simply having bottles arrive on your doorstep, Roscioli gets to know the producers personally.

That means that in addition to getting 24 bottles of Italian wine a year, you also get videos that introduce you to the winemakers, their vineyards, and their wines. When you can’t actually travel to Italy, this is the next best thing. Visiting vineyards is one of my favorite things to do when I am traveling around the country because it helps you really feel where the wine comes from. Rimessa Roscioli brings that you, wherever you are.

I am sure that you know a place that has great Italian wine in the US, but I also promise you that it doesn’t compare. Well over half of the wine made in Italy is not available for export. This is especially true for smaller, natural producers who are creating some of the most interesting wine in the country right now. When you are smaller, trying to hook up to major export routes is so challenging.

Rimessa actually has a good deal of buying power now because the wine club is growing, and they purchase so much wine for tastings in Rome. That means that they can work with producers to create bottles that are not for sale anywhere else. Here’s an example of a sparkling white that was exclusive for the wine club:

Regardless of how amazing your wine shop is, they simply cannot match this. 

So in addition to hard-to-find (or impossible to get) wines, videos with producers, and shipping and customs fees included, every wine shipment also comes with detailed tasting notes, and access to – a social network with free wine courses in Italian and English. 

I mean, I’m here for the deliciousness of the wine alone, but the level of personalization and thoughtfulness is what really makes the full experience.

Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate which means I may earn a commission if you sign up. That being said, I only ever write about things I have personally tried and liked, and the Rimessa Roscioli wine club is no exception.

Here’s how it works:

There are three different tiers to the wine club. The first tier is a mix of Italian reds and whites. The wines in the first tier are all ready to drink so you don’t have to plan to save them for years in order to enjoy them. I am going to focus on this tier because it is the most accessible, affordable, and the most popular, for good reason. 

The cost for Tier 1 is €179 for 6 bottles, and then the shipment is 12 bottles. You pay on the day you sign up and if it is close to (or after) September 15 then they will contact you about the second payment for the fall shipment of 12 bottles. From there, you pay on February 15 and March 15 for the spring shipment of 12 bottles. The wine club costs are spread out so it never feels like too much at a time, but you still get 24 bottles a year. There is no extra to pay for shipping or surprise customs fees, it is included in the wine club costs.

In the end, it works out to less than €30 bottle for wines that are otherwise sometimes impossible to find in the US. Plus all of the extras, like the videos of the producers and the tasting notes, which transport you virtually to Italy yourself.

The Barbaresco from Rizzi that was an upgraded bonus in the last shipment in Tier 1 was one of the best wines I have had in recent memory. 

This wine is special, but it is not so special that have to hesitate before you open it. For us, that meant popping a bottle of their limited edition sparkling Riesling from La Palazzola to celebrate a long week of toddler milestones. We parents needed it.

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Tier 2 

I love the value in Tier 1, but if you are really into full-bodied Italian wines, you may want to step up to Tier 2. This tier costs €249 for 6 bottles, but the bottles you are getting are a bit more premium and will age well. This is the Tier where you will find Babarescos most often, for example. These would be great entertaining wines, or to savor yourself on a special night at home. You’ll want to linger over these while congratulating yourself on having had the foresight to order them.

Tier 3

Serious connoisseurs can splash out for the collector’s level of the wine club. This comes out to €500 for 6 bottles of an incredibly curated selection of French and Italian wines. These are wines that will impress anyone lucky enough to join you in your wine cellar. A girl can dream. Some day. 

If you sign up now, you can get the next shipment that is going out through May 2021. (They take a break in summer when it is too hot to ship the wine, and restart shipments in the fall!)

To sweeten the deal, you can use the exclusive code ROME25 at checkout to save €25 on your first payment (which brings the cost of the first shipment of 12 bottles down to an average of around €26/bottle for Tier 1). The discount work on any tier!

You can cancel at any time if it turns out it the wine club not for you. But literally only 2% of people do. It is a treat that you will want to keep coming. 

Cin cin. 

2 thoughts on “The Rimessa Roscioli Wine Club

  1. Benae Hoffnagle says:

    Hi Natalie. I’ve been meaning to sign up for this wine club but kept putting it off. Is your link and coupon code still valid? If I ordered now when would I get my first shipment? I love your blog, transports me to Italy. Saddens me that Italy is going through restrictions again. Challenging times for us all. Stay well.

    • Natalie says:

      Yes, it is still valid! I updated it to a €25 off code. You would get your first shipment in May 2021 in this case 🙂

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