A Weekend in Madrid

The weather is a bit miserable out and I’m missing a certain Irishman, so my thoughts are drifting to a lovely weekend getaway to Madrid.

We headed off to Spain in January as part of a belated Christmas celebration.

In high school, my favorite class was Spanish Literature.  Lorca, Cervantes… and now cute tiled street names to match. In love.

Also in love with the food pickings. Huevos Manchegos, where have you been all my life?

Mainly, we wandered. Despite the cold weather, Madrid is a lovely city by day.

And by night.

But we avoided a lot of chill by staying indoors and exploring the incredible art scene Madrid had to offer.

Amazing. I can’t even tell which museum was my favorite.  We saw Francis Bacon, Rothko, Lucien Freud, Goya. Oh, the Goyas!

And we also took shelter in tapas bar.  My favorite was conveniently located next to our hotel (Ingles Hotel). Viva Madrid had a modern feel, mixed with classic tiles, and staff that came to recognize us even during a short stay.

I mean, who could say no to more Jamón ibérico?

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