A Weekend in Nice, France

Why, oh why, did it take me so long to visit Nice, France:
Nice France umbrellas

They say it is meant to be the rainiest winter in many years. Who “they” are and how “they” know is a bit of a mystery, but I have repeated and believed this rumor myself.

All this talk of rain makes me long for a bit of sun.

Summer in the South of France

We got exactly that on a late summer trip to Nice a few months ago.

Blue shutters in Antibes

Our first morning in town, we hopped on a train to Antibes.

afternoon in Antibes, France

Our destination was pre-determined by the Michelin guide, and we beelined for Oscar’s where I stuffed myself on scallops.

I love scallops.Blue water in Antibes

To work off the chocolate ganache (which was an excellent end of lunch decision, btw), we took a stroll around the Mediterranean streets that hem in the beachside village.

swimming in antibes

For so late in the season, the weather was fantastic and I kicked myself for not bringing a swim suit to lunch.

Flower details in Antibes

Only about an hour plane ride for Rome, we were stuck in Fiumicino for three hours while our flight the night before was delayed for who-knows-what reason.

Sunlight in the south of France

Sunny streets after an incredible French lunch were just what the doctor ordered to forget our Roman airport woes.

French cat naps

Though, nap taking and general do-nothingness were also high on our agenda.

French signs

After our afternoon in Antibes, we took the local train back to Nice, where I proceeded to literally stuff myself once more on beef tartare followed by coq au vin.
Alley in Antibes

I’ll give you another scenic shot because there are no food photographs. I simply inhaled what had been put in front of me.Bright Nice square

Our flight out was late on Sunday, which left enough time for a beautiful lunch at Olive et Artichaut before some much needed beach lounging. Summer in Nice France

The too short trip reminded me how much I love France and how much more of the country I have yet to see.Beach in Nice

Here’s to adding more South of France adventures to the 2016 To Do list.

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