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Looking for the perfect meal out? From pizza to fine dining, these Rome restaurant reviews will guide you to the best food in the city.

Da Gino al Parlamento (Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino) in Rome

Cheesey pasta at Roman restaurant Gino al Parlamento

“Kitsch” does not begin to adequately describe the design choices that are being made inside Gino Al Parlamento. The restaurant is covered in charmingly bad hand-painted vines and faux exposed brick. Luckily, even in a town as worried about la bella figura as Rome, food still counts more than decor choices when it comes to […]

Gelateria dei Gracchi in Rome

Close up on gelato cup

I feel, more often than ever, like words are escaping me. I can sit and concentrate and claw around my foggy mental state, but I cannot easily summon the vocabulary that I had at my fingertips before the baby. I blame the cumulative effects of long-term sleep deprivation, but I love this kid and so […]

Trattoria Da Oio a Casa Mia in Testaccio, Rome

It is irresponsible to order gricia for lunch, and yet every time I find myself at Trattoria Da Oio a Casa Mia, I am powerless to resist. It arrives piled with pecorino and a dusting of black pepper applied with a heavy hand. The pasta is slicked with rendered fat from the crisped guanciale. It […]

What to Eat in Rome for Breakfast (and where to get it)

An Italian morning meal can be a bit of a disappointment if you stumble into the day blindly. Burnt espresso and a pre-made cornetto? Nope. No thanks. Better to know what to eat in Rome for breakfast – and exactly where to get it. Mornings in Rome begin with coffee, usually accompanied by a sweet […]