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How Italy Sees the World

Americans aren’t exactly known for their geographical knowledge. But, being an international student, studying international development, I thought it was time to brush up on my country-finding skills.  I went to a very large, very modern bookstore in Rome to buy a world map: As I struggled to hold up the map alone and tape […]

Cigarette Vending Machines?

Here’s an easy example of something you would NEVER see in America, cigarette vending machines: I was quite confused the first time someone hurried by me and ran up to a closed shop door.  Then I noticed the machine integrated into the metal shutter of the shop.  Unmonitored cigarette machines would never fly in America, […]

Storta Mia Caviglia

Learning Italian is coming along slowly, but today I learned a new phrase- “storta mia caviglia!” That means: I sprained my ankle. Of course I had the good timing to sprain my ankle on a Saturday night. Since everything is closed on Sundays, I had to improvise a bandage out of a scarf. Rome Cobblestones: […]