Summer in Rome: The River Bars

It is officially summer in Rome. That means outdoor dining, gelato every day and river bars:

For 6 Euro, you can get yourself a plastic cup of beer and take a seat for some serious people watching.

The bars set up near Trastevere, on both sides of the Tiber River. They extend a ways down and are hard to miss.  Just walk down the steps located at the bridges and pick a comfy seat.

Many of the bars also serve food, and there are plenty of carnival-like booths if you want to play some games.

A side note for the ladies: Having lived here long enough to be wary, I insisted on knowing about the bathroom situation before agreeing to beers.  They’re there. They’re fine. Be ready to pay for toilet paper.

8 thoughts on “Summer in Rome: The River Bars

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  5. Len Corsetti says:

    Just saw one in last night’s video “Roman Holiday”…hey, how about checking out Via Margutta 51?

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