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Palazzo Braschi: Rome’s Museum at Piazza Navona

I have been curious about Palazzo Braschi for a very long time because I walk by it constantly. Located on the edge of Piazza Navona, you can pass through the courtyard to get to the square. I always imagined the building was filled with statues. As I walked in for the first time, it did […]

A Walk Down Via dei Coronari in Rome

via dei coronari rome

Rome is a beautiful city to get lost in. But with so many perfectly imperfect twisting lanes, there are only a few that I will go out of my way for. Via dei Coronari is a street that I can always make time for. It is the perfect Roman street. The flaking paint jobs are movie-set […]

Carapina Gelato in Rome

UPDATE APRIL 2017: Carapina in Rome has closed.     After you have gorged on pizza bianca at Antico Forno Roscioli, you can walk a few doors down for gelato at Carapina. Carapina started in Florence, but opened a Rome location in 2014. The focus is on seasonal flavors made with natural ingredients. In fact, Carapina […]

Ara Pacis Museum in Rome

In a city that is usually a mishmash of burnt colors, architectural styles, and varying heights, the Ara Pacis stands out. Pure white and glass. Clean lines. It is a building you remember for its cool simplicity rather than its towering domes. Inside, the museum is small and simple. Because the main attraction is smack-dab […]

Gelateria Artigianale Corona near Rome’s Largo Argentina

Next to a tangle of tram lines, with a major bus stop just outside the door, an unassuming store front advertises gelato artigianale. Inside Gelateria Corona are two tidy rows of flavors based on seasonal ingredients. Corona was my first ever favorite gelato shop in Rome, luring me in with flavors like raspberry ginger, and […]

Dar Filettaro in Rome: Filetti di Baccalà

Updated March 2023 I don’t really love baccalà. The salted cod can come off mushy and overly powerful in many dishes. But fried? Amazing. Dar Filettaro is one of those Roman institutions that you love not in spite of it shortcomings but because of them. It is a tiny restuarant that serves one thing: filetti […]

Bar della Pace is Closed

Bar della Pace was one of those places you agree to meet. A classic stand by. Gilded mirrors, marble top tables, and velvet seats. Bar della Pace was always famous for its outdoor seating. At a small round table, you could sip a drink beside the ivy-covered facade. It was almost guaranteed that someone you knew […]