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Day Trip from Rome to Anagni

A day trip from Rome to Anagni Italy

Taking a day trip from Rome to Anagni puts you in good historical company. When the city temperatures rose, Rome’s emperors would decamp to this hilly town and other nearby breezy villages such as Palestrina. With a breeze flitting through the green countryside, it is a decided fresh escape from Rome. After the emperors came […]

Best Quotes About Naples, Italy

I like to describe Naples as chaos incarnate. It has a life of its own, that seems to head in every direction at once, but then comes together into a sort of untouchable harmony that energizes your soul. And because I would love to know more about the city, I collected together my favorite quotes […]

Palazzo Reale: The Stunning Royal Palace in Naples, Italy

I myself am guilty of becoming enamored with Naples’ constant chaos. But as truly maddening the city can seem to be, it also has serene and stately attributes – most notably the stunning palace known as Palazzo Reale. The history of Naples’ Royal Palace is complicated because the region itself was ruled by so many […]

A Weekend Trip to Casale Prato delle Coccinelle in Umbria

hand holding wine glass over Italian countryside

I grew up in California in two different worlds. There was my city life – where I could walk to the mall or hop on the bus to the beach. And then there was my country life – where the nearest supermarket was a 30 minute drive away and functional internet was but a teenage […]

The Olive Harvest in Italy

Jimmy thinks I am a little bit crazy, but I told him that one of the reasons that I cannot imagine ever leaving Italy is because of olive oil. New olive oil is something I look forward to every year. And ever since I moved here, I have wanted to help with an olive harvest. […]