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The Frittelle of Siena’s Piazza del Campo

Siena is one of the quintessentially beautiful Italian towns. Built above rolling Tuscan hills line with cypress trees and vineyards, the little city has a series of small streets that radiate away from the main square, begging to be explored. But it is the square itself – Piazza del Campo – is probably the city’s […]

Fondazione Prada: Art Museum in Milan

There is something unreal about stepping onto the grounds of Fondazione Prada in Milan. Perhaps it is the location. Set in an unassuming suburb, the beautiful architecture is at odds with its surroundings. And when you paint an entire building shimmering gold? Well, that is pretty hard to ignore against Milan’s gray skies. Fondazione Prada […]

How to Get to Sirmione, Italy and What to Do

I was so excited to go to Sirmione that there is a very real risk I built the place up in my head. With a gorgeous castle and a waterfront setting, it seemed like the perfect town to spend the day in along Lake Garda. How to Get to Sirmione Sirmione is found on a […]