Bar Luce: Wes Anderson Designed Coffee Bar in Milan

I could probably move directly into Bar Luce and be totally fine.

Bar Luce Prada Museum

Model-like baristas? Check.

Post-modern movie set dreamy design? You betcha.

Bill Murray pinball machines? Nailed it.

bill murray pinball

Great coffee? Yes, yes, yes.

bar luce coffee

Bar Luce is the Wes Anderson-designed coffee bar at Milan’s Fondazione Prada.  The only problem, I soon realized, is that Fondazione Prada is not exactly in the center of Milan. I had to metro out, then walk, to finally arrive at the sleek complex of art galleries in a Milanese suburb.

prada wes anderson bar

I raced through the exhibits in order to leave myself time for a coffee at the bar that I have been dying to see since it opened. Needing to get back to the hotel before a 12 pm checkout, I cut it fairly close.

But at 11:03 am, I had traded my euro for a receipt and saddled directly up to the mint formica. The adorable (/super hot) barista immediately began making my caffe macchiato. While he foamed the milk, I took in the retro-perfect scene.


Ornate wall paper recalls classic architecture, but the counters and accessories are pure 1950s and 60s.

The details are gorgeous, all the way down to the sugar packets marked with ‘bar luce’ in light pink script.


Even the trashcans must have been custom-made for the space, their peaked lids recalling old-school rubbish bins of classic diners bygone.


I sipped and snapped, wishing I had more time to linger over a drink.

I can’t wait to go back to the film-quality coffee bar on my next trip to Milan.

Bar Luce
Largo Isarco, 2,
20139 Milan

Open: 9 am – 9 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and 9 am – 10 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Closed Tuesdays. 


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