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Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

white truffles of Tuscany

I have to admit, I didn’t take it real well when our plans to go truffle hunting in Le Marche fell through because of rainy weather. We ended up having a local adventure, but I wanted to eat truffles, dammit. So when the first day of spring arrived with sunshine, we headed out to the hills […]

Florence as a Day Trip from Rome

As much as I love to plan, life sometimes gets in the way. That is how a recent weekend away in Florence turned into a day trip. Luckily, Florence is an easy day trip from Rome. Just 1.5 hours away by (fast) train, the city is accessible if you are craving a break from Rome, or […]

Watching the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, Italy

On the train back to Rome, we were covered in orange juice. It had soaked our jeans and it was in our shoes. We were still processing what exactly had just happened. We survived our first Carnevale d’Ivrea. The plan came into being rather quickly and it started with a link. Five crazy Italian festivals […]

Day Trip from Rome: Spello’s Skinny Streets

We left Spello in a hurry. Rain clouds were hovering and the final stretch of road back to Rome was filling with Sunday traffic. But it only took a short amount of time to be totally enchanted by the small Umbrian town. Located a 2 hour drive north east of Rome, Spello is one of […]

A Truffle Failure; A Walnut Success

I really wanted to hunt for truffles this season. I wanted the dog and the muddy boots and the baskets of tartufi to grate over pasta. We headed to Le Marche to find our truffles, but the rain got there first. The ground was too wet for truffling.  The year overall was a bad one […]