February Weather in Rome

There is a saying, particular to February:

Sole di febbraio, onda di mare, pianto di donna: non ti fidare. (February sun, ocean waves, crying of a woman: don’t trust any of them).

In other words, February weather in Rome is something to be treated with a good deal of skepticism and preparation.

As the new year gets fully underway, it can be easy to fall into the temptation of a beautiful February day.

“Maybe,” you might start to let yourself think. “Just maybe we will get an easy winter this year.”

But there is also another Italian saying about February:

Febbraio asciutto erba per tutto – of all the months of the year, curse a fair February.

And don’t forget:

Febbraio febbraietto, mese corto e maledetto – February, a short and cursed month.

The poor month gets no love at all. What is there to look forward to? The Christmas holidays are over and spring is still weeks away.

The shortest month of the year in Rome is usually gray and damp, with average temperatures falling around 9 °C or 48 °F.

So how do you prepare for February weather in Rome?

Set your expectations low and pack an umbrella. Rome rarely gets below freezing, but a good jacket and winter boots for walking are still recommended. If you are booking accommodation, ask about autonomous heating for the rooms because you will likely want to be able to control the temperature when you are at home.

Be sure to take a break from any downpours to visit St. Valentine’s Skull right around February 14th. Here are a few other recommendations for what to do in Rome in winter, as well.

And remember: Buon tempo e mal tempo non dura tutto il tempo. Good times and bad weather don’t last forever.

Still not sure that February in Rome is for you? Check out this month-by-month breakdown of when to visit Rome.

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