Saturnia Hot Springs

After a great lunch in Sovana, we had earned a little R&R.  We piled back into our cinque cento, clown car style, and set off for the nearby village of Saturnia.

Exploring another Tuscan town was not the priority. Instead, we were on the hunt for thermal hot springs.

The Saturnia hot springs are in an idyllic little valley.  The source is located slightly farther upstream and a fancy spa has been built around it.  We were going for the eco-chic experience and headed for the outdoor pools.

The natural pools are gorgeous and located just below a little waterfall.

Unfortunately, the waterfall and the distance from the source, mean that in mid-January the water is not-so-hot.  More like the tepid terme, rather than hot springs.  Next time we might spring for the spa.

But the view really couldn’t be beat…

Just follow the signs to Saturnia, and then the brown signs with the spring icon.  There is free parking heading down hill towards the springs.

All in all, visiting Saturnia hot springs is a lovely way to experience the Tuscan tradition without having to pay a ridiculous fee. And what better way to get back to nature than a dip in a hot waterfall?

8 thoughts on “Saturnia Hot Springs

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  2. Angelina loves Rome says:

    OMG! Saturnia Hot Springs just completed my bucketlist for my nest Rome and surrounding area sightseeing trip. Seeing the pictures of the hot springs made me want to go and take a natural hot bath right now. The view is even satisfying enough for a nature lover like me. See you there!

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  5. Matia Cary says:

    Would you recommend going to the hot springs in June? My husband and I were thinking of going in the early evening one night when we are in Sienna but want to ensure is worth our while, especially in the summer.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Matia! I’m not sure how warm it will be in June (it is unseasonably cold for May right now). However, since Saturnia is free and does not require any reservations, you could even decide the day of.

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