Why to Visit Pitigliano: Tuscany’s City Built of Tufo

Pitigliano is a town in Tuscany’s Maremma region that seems to grow spectacularly out of the cliff on to which it is built. The buildings, and the rocky crag for that matter, are all made of tufo or tuff rock.

Pitigliano is a major destination in its own right, but it is also perfectly located to be used as a base to explore some of the less touristy but absolutely stunning stops such as Saturnia and Sovana.

About Pitigliano

Perched on a rather perilous seeming cliff, the town is sometimes referred to as Italy’s Little Jerusalem due to its long-standing and small but active Jewish community. Though the Synagogue is rarely in use, it has been turned into a lovely historical landmark.

The rocky village is worth a visit, full of twisting alleys, dark passageways, friendly locals and delicious Tuscan home cooking to keep you warm even on rainy winter days.

Plus, planters filled with kitties which is always sure to be a hit with me.

And an Ape in every shade!

What to do in Pitigliano

  1. Drink Bianco di Pitigliano: When in Tuscany… drink the wine! Pitigliano is famous for its white wine, to be specific. Any restaurant worth its salt will be serving some so don’t hesitate to indulge.
  2. Visit the Jewish Ghetto: The Pitigliano Synagogue was built in 1598 and has now been restored and reopened to visitors. Start your tour of this area with a visit to the Museum of Jewish Culture to learn more about the community that has been here since the 15th century.

We left Rome Saturday morning and were back by Sunday at 6 pm.  It was a brief road trip and possibly too short a time in Pitigliano, but it’s doable in two days.

Where to stay in Pitigliano

The best views of Pitigliano are from outside of town, but the tufa streets are so charming that it is really worth staying in the historic center in order to make the most of your time in the Tuscan village.

  1. B&B Dimor’à: This cozy B&B is an ideal home away from home. Every one of the spotless rooms has AC, a private bathroom, and an updated, but tranquil, design. Plus, the hostess prepares a delicious breakfast every morning so there is no rush in getting out the door. However, when you do want to explore – it is ideally located in the old town.
  2. Casa dei Lavatoi: Get under the Tuscan sun on the terrace of this farmhouse style apartment which overlooks the historic center and the Roman aqueduct. The simple but comfortable two-bedroom space is ideal for families.
  3. La Casa del Ghetto: This charming apartment is incredibly unique and special because it has been built directly into the structure of the old Synagogue. The rustic style, including terracotta floors, makes the entire stay feel even more quaint.
  4. Il Tufo Rosa: If you prefer a hotel style stay, then there is really only one in the actual center of Pitigliano. This is where I personally stayed when I visited the Tuscan town. The hotel is located on the edge of the historic center, which means it is close to parking and has views out over the valley. This is a 2-star hotel and the decor can feel a bit dated but it was clean and comfortable and I enjoyed my simple stay.In fact, here is the view from my window:

    The view from Il tufo rosa in Pitigliano Tuscany

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