Cigarette Vending Machines?

Here’s an easy example of something you would NEVER see in America, cigarette vending machines: I was quite confused the first time someone hurried by me and ran up to a closed shop door.  Then I noticed the machine integrated into the metal shutter of the shop.  Unmonitored cigarette machines would never fly in America, […]

Storta Mia Caviglia

Learning Italian is coming along slowly, but today I learned a new phrase- “storta mia caviglia!” That means: I sprained my ankle. Of course I had the good timing to sprain my ankle on a Saturday night. Since everything is closed on Sundays, I had to improvise a bandage out of a scarf. Rome Cobblestones: […]

But… You Have a Blemish!

Subtlety and sarcasm seem to be seriously lacking in the Italian language.  Even the sales approach is straight to the point.  Luckily for Italian salespeople, I’m usually so caught off guard by their directness that I end up buying whatever it is they’re selling. Case in point: Sephora Rome Due to Alitalia’s baggage limits, I […]

Via delle Quattro Fontane

I’m not going to lie, I go out of my way to walk down Via delle Quattro Fontane whenever possible.  So far, it is my absolute favorite street in Rome, and not just because it connects Via Nazionale and Via Tritone (the best places for shopping!) As you walk up the hill from Via Nazionale, […]

The Problem with Italian Plugs

I have news that might come as a disappointment to some- my life in Italy is not always about glamorous trips to grab drinks at the Colosseum. There is one small problem that has plagued me every day since I arrived- plugs. Round, flat, thick, thin- the problem with Italian plugs is that there are […]