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Cocktails at Stazione di Posta in Testaccio (Rome)

I often bemoan that lack of cool places to hang out in Testaccio. As you can see from my postings, I love my neighborhood, and I want to spend a lot of time in this corner of Rome, but there is a dearth of evening options unless you are into teenage nightclubs. Enter: Stazione di […]

Fairytale Boutique: Shopping In Rome’s Testaccio District

I needed to go to the supermarket on Saturday. The supermarket is right next to Piazza Testaccio, and as I rounded the corner to buy household necessities, I remembered that there was something else next to Piazza Testaccio as well. Mission: Diverted. I ambled over to Fairytale “just to look,” I told myself. Fairytale is very […]

Pizzeria Da Remo in Testaccio, Rome

thin crust roman pizza with burnt edges

It was such an excruciating long day. I dragged myself to Da Remo’s because the walk somehow seemed less challenging than trying to convince my brain to combine ingredients in a sauce pan at home. I walked in and my whole body sagged. Just a short wait and I could take my pizza home. I […]

Piadina: Italian Wraps in Rome’s Mercato Testaccio

Testaccio Market is changing. Lela Casa moved out, which is fine because I love the new location. The stand where I used to buy my fruit and vegetables has been cut in half, leasing the space to Romeo. I regularly pick up a juice at Zoe. While I appreciate the new injection of life into […]

Classic Roman Dining at Checchino dal 1887 in Testaccio

Rome Checchino

Checchino’s wood paneled dining room feels frozen in time. And let’s not forget that I am a sucker for crisp linens and retro swiveling barstools studded with copper nails. White jacketed waiters go through an elaborate show of wheeling around a small table and pouring wine through a series of unneeded but atmosphere-enhancing steps. With […]

Zoe: Clean Eating in Mercato Testaccio

zoe fresh juice in Rome

I like to eat balanced meals. For example, I like to balance out all my carbs with a lot of fat. (I recommend pasta alla gricia for this). Or, I like to balance out my dinner with a spot of gelato. I will even balance out my meat with a side of potatoes. Balance is […]