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Rome’s Recycling Program Accepts Plastic Bottles for Free Metro Tickets

plastic bottles for recycling

A new program launched in Rome in August has been enthusiastically embraced by the public. The recycling initiative accepts plastic bottles in exchange for free ATAC public transportation tickets, which are good on the city’s buses and metros.  Commuters can bring their plastic bottles to three metro stations to use specially designated machines to earn […]

How to Spend One Perfect Day in Rome’s Monti Neighborhood

people in the piazza sitting by a fountain in Monti Rome

Officially known Rione Monti, Monti prides itself on being Rome’s very first neighborhood because it has existed since ancient times and is listed as Rione I in the city’s list of numbered municipalities. Today, the central district is a mix of bohemian boutiques, contemporary street food spots, trendy bars, and traditional artisan workshops. Bordered on […]